Pam Prine headshot

Pam Prine


Pam collaborates with clients to define clear financial goals with realistic expectations, working hard to help protect them from emotional decisions that can negatively impact their long-term financia I success. Pam understands the accumulation and retirement challenges that many employees and business owners face as they navigate through their retirement plans and benefits. She also finds great satisfaction from working with aging adults, particularly women in transition. Through her personal and professional experience, she understands the unique challenges and communication barriers that exist for clients relating to finance and investments. People work with people they like and trust.

Kimberle Dyer


Kim Dyer is one of two founding-partners of Keystone Capital Management Group, LLC, which she helped begin in March 2016. As an Investment Adviser Representative, Kim is committed to helping clients work toward meeting their financial goals. She has been in the financial services industry since 2004. Kim helped develop her company’s trademarked DNA process, Dynamic Needs Assessment™, which is holistic and focuses on 5 key areas of financial life. In 2006, Kim co-founded and operated a financial services business in Billings, Montana. It was and still is a thriving business serving ranchers, business owners, and retirement/estate clients. After 10 years she successfully sold the firm to her co-founding partner to facilitate her move to Arizona with her husband. She and her partner managed over $40 million in assets for their clientele.

Our Team of Strategic Partners

Andrew Victor

Vice President | Director of Planning Strategies

Andrew Auchincloss Victor has more than 24 years of experience in financial services. He specializes in strategies for Tax-efficient Income Planning, Wealth Transfer, Estate Planning, Business Succession and Insurance Planning. Victor supports advisors by presenting to their clients (and clients’ attorneys and accountants) complex and comprehensive solutions through succinct yet actionable guidance.

  • Harvard graduate
  • 24 years of experience in financial services
  • Consults on risk and tax mitigation strategies with a focus on lifetime income

Noell Holmberg

Director of Life Insurance

Noell’s experience as a medical surgery nurse, specializing in cardiology and neurology, gives her invaluable credibility when working with underwriters. Her persuasive advocacy results in insurers green-lighting client cases they may have otherwise denied. And her experience in handling jumbo life cases, whether $65 million or $450 million, adds even greater value to advisors and their high-net-worth clients.

Stacy Pearson

Universal Guardian Trust

Stacy brings an incredible background where she has legislated and advocates for individuals who have no voice. She has also spoken multiple times at the United Nations which brings a very unique perspective to our team approach. Stacy wears many hats at any given time and works directly with our Advisor Partners on training and mentoring them with amazing success to grow their business. Her personal style and professionalism stand apart from what most Advisors have experienced in this competitive industry.

Veronica Hill

Financial Planning & Tax Mitigation

In 1999 Veronica began her career in the financial sector on the securities side of the industry where she was Series 7 and Series 65 licensed. She moved to the life insurance side of the industry in 2005, working for a brokerage agency. Her journey on the life insurance side began in underwriting, assisting agents and their clients with obtaining the best possible offers by working hand in hand with the underwriters throughout the underwriting process.  She then moved to the marketing side of the business, where she has been assisting agents by helping them to determine what is best suited for their clients based on both financial and medical information on hand.

Greg Agnos

Tactical Tax and Estate Planning

Greg started his financial services career in 1987 as a floor broker at the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

He’s a former speaker and trainer for hundreds of companies throughout the country, working with advisors from Primerica Financial Services, New York Life, and Prudential to name a few.

He now specializes in Estate Planning and Business Development for ePIC Services Company. He was a member of the 1984 Rose Bowl team for University of Illinois Fighting Illini. As an athlete, Greg spends his free time staying fit, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling.

Ciara Lister, Esq.

Network Attorney

As a network attorney for eStatePlan™ Ciara Lister believes in three key pillars: planning, preparation, and prevention. A full-scholarship graduate of Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Fla., Lister began her law career as a Commercial Insurance Litigator in Boca Raton. She began seeing clients and her close friends struggle with the negative effects of probate proceedings, from dwindling inheritances to families destroyed by battles over money. This motivated her to change her focus to Estate Planning so she could help people avoid these issues before it was too late, rather than perform legal triage when the damage to families and their legacies had already been done.

Holly Halweg

Onboarding Specialist

Holly Halweg is the Onboarding Specialist at ePIC Services Company. Married to a financial advisor, she understands the needs of individuals and families planning for retirement, dealing with tax matters, and estate planning. As parents of a child with special needs, Holly and her husband engaged in volunteer work at their son’s preschool, designed for children with physical and developmental issues, including those on the autism spectrum.

Originally from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, Holly attended the University of TX in Austin, initiating her career in the group medical insurance sector. Following marriage, she relocated to the San Francisco Bay area in California, and her family now resides in Boise, Idaho.